ORLAN X Charlie le Mindu, 2023

ORLAN X Abel Azcona, by Lekuona,2023

Abel Azcona, a promising newcomer to contemporary performance, invites ORLAN for a highly personal collaboration.

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ORLAN X CAMILLE FOURNET, capsule collection”De corps en corps”, 2023

An eye, a mouth, a nose: “the body is a bag, the body is a suit”. With this new creation, ORLAN becomes part of the leather and flesh of the Camille Fournet house. This encounter enables the artist to break down the ice walls between practices, creating porosities between the visual arts, luxury goods and leather goods.
An international artist, carnal, feminist and always in capital letters, ORLAN has created an exceptional collection for the Maison, featuring fragments of her body in quotations from her landmark work “Se vendre sur les marchés en petits morceaux” (“Selling oneself in small pieces on the market”).

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ORLAN X CAMILLE FOURNET, The endangered African forest elephant and new robots made from recycled objects and materials

digital photo montage

This work was created by ORLAN in 2023 as part of Équinoxes 9. Équinoxes is the vibrant encounter between Camille Fournet and an artist: an exchange of worlds, a space of unrestrained artistic freedom, inspired by the House’s codes.

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To mark the launch of her first musical album “Le Slow de l’Artiste” on May 26, 2023, ORLAN will stage a release party/performance on May 31, 2023. She orchestrates a double event: The Grand Prix du Slow de l’Artiste at an album listening session in Olympia’s historic billiard room, and an After-Party, during the awards ceremony, with live performances and a DJ-set at the Silencio Club.

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Following her performance le baiser de l’artiste (the artist’s kiss) at the FIAC in 1977, ORLAN presents le slow de l’artiste (the artist’s slow), her very first “all slow” album! She wants to offer what we’ve missed most since March 17, 2020: human warmth, hugs, body-to-body… she wants to bring bodies closer together after the physical distancing!

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Photo : Michael Huard
ORLAN’S Designer : Beñat Moreno


Photo : Joel Saget
Styling : Beñat Moreno

ORLAN is invited by Marielle Eudes to work for AFP. Through the prism of photographer Joël Saget, ORLAN presents her new look, still two-tone, but with sleek hair, in performative poses where the body becomes sculpture.


Photo: Ali Madhavi
Artistic Director: Laurent Dombrowicz
Hairstyle : Christophe Mecca

Iconic photographer and great friend of ORLAN, Ali Madhavi invited her to take part in a series of portraits of transformation talents, as part of a Face Lace campaign, a brand launched by Phyllis Cohen. Each personality could use Face Lace (self-adhesive make-up) in a creative way to express their uniqueness. Laurent Dombrowicz handled the artistic direction of the shoot, and wigmaker Christophe Mecca styled ORLAN’s hair. ORLAN poses alongside celebrities such as Michèle Lamy, Diane Pernet, Miss Fame, Le Ménéstrel, Kam Hugh, The Arseniek and Ali Madhavi in self-portrait, among others.
ORLAN X RUINART, Collaboration 2022

Ruinart invited ORLAN to work on the packaging for their famous bottle of Champagne.

ORLAN takes over the space with multicolored kisses, offering “a thousand artist’s kisses”. A unique and legendary bottle. 

ORLAN X GUERLAIN, ORLAN hybridizes with the Empress Eugenie and perpetuates her legacy, photo montage

Jean Luc Monterosso asked ORLAN to create a work for the “Chère Eugénie” exhibition organized by Guerlain to mark the anniversary of the bee bottle. It was created in 1853 for the wedding of Empress Eugénie and Napoleon III. ORLAN has decided to pay tribute to the Empress through a hybridization that launches the artist’s new series in which she will hybridize herself with the great women pioneers of feminist history.

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Creative Direction: Florence Tetier
Directors : Torso
Styling : Georgia Pendelebury
Hairstyle : Jawara
Makeup : Isamaya Ffrench
Production: Division

The Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion house is opening a wild casting call, on the Internet, for extras in their Cyber ready-to-wear campaign. ORLAN, who met Monsieur Gaultier at the Asvoff festival, when she was Mistress of Ceremonies, and the designer who presided over the jury, introduces herself like any other person at the casting. ORLAN performs under the creative direction of Florence Tetier in a surreal photo shoot, around a circular table, with fake fluorescent food. Performance, fashion and humor mingle, elements that ORLAN had already exploited in artistic series such as “Femme qui rit”. Surrounded by the best international teams, ORLAN is made up by Isamaya Ffrench and styled by Jawara. An iconic campaign that perpetuates the artist’s taste for porosity between creative disciplines.

“Match Selavy”, This raft (is not) lonely ,


Oostende, Belgium, 2017

Match Selavy was a large-scale public performance organized by Yann Fabre in a soccer stadium in Antwerp. Each of his guests was asked to dress as a character from the history of art. ORLAN dressed as Rose Selavy. When she arrived at the stadium, ORLAN  was surprised to find museum director Bart de Baere with a star-shaped tonsure. They immediately became a “couple” and while everyone else was trying to kick the ball, ORLAN and Bart de Baere were lying on the lawn playing chess on the checkerboard lining of ORLAN’s coat. They also walked limply from goal to goal, separately or arm in arm.

Self-portrait of ORLAN pronouncing the word self-portrait, 2017

ORLAN realized this collaboration with Virgile Novarina in 2017. The result is a photographic series of ORLAN’s vocal spectrum saying the word “self-portrait”. This abstract representation then becomes a self-portrait of the artist.

ORLAN x Brochier Soieries, Carrée de soie, Self-hybridations Masques de l’Opéra de Pékin, Facing Designs and augmented reality n°1, 2016, 90×90 cm

ORLAN and Brochier silks collaborated to create silk scarves based on her series of Self-hybridations of Peking Opera masks, 2014. In this opera, women are outlawed and men play their roles. 

Like the artwork, the scarf serves as a QR code. The customer can scan it and see an ORLAN avatar appear, stepping out of the frame of the work and performing the acrobatics of the Peking Opera. 

You can then take photos of yourself, your friends and your avatar, and send them around the world just like any other selfie.

TWIN TWIN X ORLAN – By my side, 2011


ORLAN x Diane Venet, Tête de fou, 2010, gold and silver, 8.5×10.5×3 cm
Brooch from the work Disfiguration-Refiguration, African self-hybridization, Ejagham Nigeria ancient dance crest and Euro-Stephanoise woman’s face
This series consists of a series of black and white photographs based on ethnographic photography, the first photos in which the Other is photographed. In 2010, ORLAN collaborates with Diane Venet. These are the gold and silver Tête de fou brooches created from the work Défiguration-Refuguration, Self-hybridations Africaines, Cimier ancien de danse Ejagham Nigéria and visage de femme euro-stéphanoise.

Le corps mutant, ORLAN x Walter Van Beirendonck X Juergen Teller, 2000