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Directed and Produced by ORLAN

“Experimental Game Play”, 4’42”, interactive installation with Myo bracelets, 2015

“Masques, Pekin Opera, Facing Designs & Augmented Reality”, videoprojection, 2014

“Mutant(s) Landmark(s)” 295′, video, 2013

“Freedom and two skinned ORLAN-BODY”, 28’32”, 3D video, 2013

“Skinned Freedom taking the position of the Statue of Liberty”, 28’38”, 3D video, 2013

“Striptease of Bumpload from her scans”, 5’7” loop, 3D video, 2013

“MesuRAGE : Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburg, USA”, 52’2”, video, 2012

“MesuRAGE: Museum of Contemporary Art M HKA, Antwerp, Belgium”, 59’36”, video, 2012

“Asil / Exil”, 25’52”, video, 2011, Produced with l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de la Cambre, Bruxelles, for the exhibition “Est-ce que vous êtes Belge?” 1’52”

“ORLAN REMIX : Romain Gary, Costa-Gavras, Deleuze et Guattari”, 3’52”, video, 2010, Co-produced by Les Poissons Volants Production, Special Effects by Aliocha Imhoff.

“No Comment”, 4’44”, videoprojection on a screen with cross shape, 2009

“Snake Boat”, 3’57”, video, 2009

“Dreamcatcher in Hopi’s Area”, 7’10”, video, 2008, Co-produced with Mémoires Actives

“Harlequin’s Coat, Perth, Australia”, 29’40”, video, 2008, Directed with Steven Hughes Co-Produced with Sensimilla Productions.

“Secularism / Suture”, 24’30”, video, 2007

“Although … yes but …”, 29’59”, video, 2003

“Omnipresence”, 82’51”, video, 1993

“Operation Opera”, 9’11”, video, December 8th, 1991

“Successful Operation”, 9’13”, video, July 6th, 1991

“Appearance and glory of Sainte-ORLAN”, 4’49”, video, 1986

“Sainte-ORLAN and the oldmen”, 9’27”, video, 1984

“Staging for a Great FIAT”, 21’31”, video, 1982, Produced by Centre d’Action Culturelle de Montbéliard

“MesuRAGE : St Pierre, Lyon, France”, 17’40”, video, 1979

Featuring ORLAN


Giampiero d’Angeli, “ORLAN, Corps, médias et technologies”, Mooc Digital Media, 6 chapters January 2015.


Decryptcult #2, “Interrogating borders: hybridizations and body art”, October 2013, 24’40


Beauty Culture: Annenberg Space For Photography

“ORLAN, et la chair se fait verbe” Directed by Fanny Dal magro, Production: Mosaïque Films 52′

“L’artiste et son autoportrait/Das Selbtsporträt in der Kunst (3/3)” for Arte (France/Germany), directed by Sabine Willkop, Broadcasted on January 30th 2012, 25’38”


“Paris-Delhi-Bombay…: ‘Draps-peaux hybridés'” interview by Le Centre Pompidou, 5’45”

“ORLAN”, Production: Art – Tendance – People Misteremma 3’27”

“Fig Leaf, The Biggest Cover-Up in History”, by Rosie Schellenberg, for the BBC4 Producter: Rosie Schellenberg; Executive Producer: Jonty Claypole, Writer and Presenter: Stephen Smith, 1’09”


“Un Oeil entre Art Numérique et Science”, by Laurence Scarbonchi Co-production: Chromatiques, Cap Canal, Université de Lyon 52’07”


“De la condition féminine en milieu artistique” by Loïc Connanski co-produced by Les Programmes Courts & Créations/Canal + 30′.

“elles@centrepompidou: ORLAN” by Axel Cevenot, co-production Centre Pompidou, Délégation à l’action culturelle audiovisuelle & Ina, Direction de la production et de l’édition, 1’30”

“Making of Sculpting Brushes Prototype lumineux n°1 Série Bump Load”, coproduced by Le Conseil Général du Val d’Oise, L’Abbaye de Maubuisson and Centre National des Arts Plastique


ORLAN, shooting at the Photography National Center (CNP) Paris.

Interviews with Bernard Blistène, Christine Buci-Glucksmann, Régis Durand, Robert Fleck, Jean-Hubert Martin and Jean-François Taddei about ORLAN’s work.

ORLAN’s interview at the CCC in Tours. Creativtv, Documentary Film


“ORLAN, Carnal Art”, Director Stephan Oriach, Myriapodus Films – Centre Georges Pompidou – Ministère de la Culture (DAP) Film 35 mm, doc. 75′


Synthetic Pleasures, New York, USA Director Iara Lee, 16 mm


“Donne dell’altro mondo”, Film by Marisa laurito and Roberto Ferrante, Realisation Giampiero Ricci French-Italian Production, 1993


“Les films d’ici Productions”, Film by Emilio Pacull, Broadcast in 1990


“Vierge Noire” Film by Jean Dupuis 16 mm B/W, 12′


ORLAN’s “sound postcards” have appeared on the radio program, “Musique d’avenir” of Anne Gillot, which is produced by RTS Espace 2 radio (France)

ORLAN’s “sound postcards” also appeared at the Mamco event for the 1, 000, 050th anniversary of art.

Polo Xur, Polo Xur, ORLAN featuring ORLAN interview, phonic monkey recording, Argentina, 2013

Original voice in the performance Le Baiser de l’artiste, (Grand Palais, Paris, 1977). Digital being (videorecording): identity, British Broadcasting Corporation, U. K. , 2002

Participation to collective CD

Top100 vol. 5 at Artissima Social Club, a project by Davide Bertocchi, Turin, Italy, 2011 Festival X of Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1998

Station Mir, Artists’ operette. Fractal Musik n°2, France, 1998

“This is my body. . . this is my software”, Black Dog Publishing, Oxford, 2002, Adams Parveen, Vicki Berger, and Isabel Vasseur, reprint with an introduction by David Cronenberg and Serge Grünberg. Bilingual French-English edition.

1994 edition with CD-Rom no longer available

Le Plan du film, Sequence 1.

Laurent Cauwet-Al Dante, Romainville, 2001

Script by Jean-Pierre Rehm, with an Audio CD “Ciao! Manhattan” by the band Tanger and lyrics by Serge Quadruppani.

MAC/VAL Musée d’Art Contemporain Du Val-De-Marne, Cd-ROM, Museum Collection

“ORLAN, Multimedia Monograph”, Editions Jeriko, Paris, 2000, Photos, videos, interviews and texts by Marc Partouche, Carole Boulbès, Gladys Fabre, Jean- Michel Ribettes, Norbert Hillaire, Hugues Marchal, Jean-Pierre Nouhaud, ORLAN, Bilingual French-English.

Exogène, Nikolaj Church Art Center, Copenhagen, 1997, Denmark,

Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Lyon CD-ROM from the catalog, 1996, France

Artifice Magazine, CD-ROM no 2

Black Dog Publishing, Oxford, 1995, UK

Eve. Real World Multimedia

ORLAN appears as a guest of Peter Gabriel, 1994, UK

For all miracles see my rates

Images of installation first shown at Centre Georges Pompidou for La Revue Parlée, Paris, France

Search Engine: Picts/New Picts, and Faces

“Virtual poetry edition about the Self-Hybridization series, directed by ORLAN

Vinyl Recordings

Festival of performances “Lantaren” in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

“La Madone au Minitel or les chiens ramènent des puce”. Direction ORLAN for Canal +, Audio Records Inter, 1985