ORLAN and Alain Quemin conference, Paris Photo, 2022

ORLAN and Jens Hauser conference, La cité des Arts, 2022

ORLAN: STRIPTEASE, ALL ABOUT MY LIFE, ALL ABOUT MY ART. Conference/Meeting @ Collection Lambert  December 16, 2021


ORLAN Sorbonne Conference, 2019

ORLAN #1: “All the monstrous, outrageous things I’ve done”, 2017

ORLAN #2: “Ceci est mon corps ceci est mon logiciel…”, 2017

ORLAN #3: “I am a woman and a man”, 2017

The Futur Of The Body with performance artist ORLAN By Rachel Armstrong, Scientist and Innovator at Trinity College Dublin, July 2014


ORLAN at Abbaye de Maubuisson, 2009 (French, 6min39)
Video directed by Decaluwé

ORLAN – Academia di Belle Arti di Napoli, 2009 (French, 4min24)
Produced by  Mark Wonder Entertainment Production