d’âne, sequin painting, 1990

This is a photographic series in which ORLAN incorporates elements from the story of Peau d’âne into self-portraits.

Peau d’âne is a princess whose father has asked her to marry him because he has promised his mother, the queen, that he will only marry a woman more beautiful than herself, and Peau d’âne is the only such woman. His daughter escapes his father’s desire by dressing in the donkey’s skin. 

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Painted Posters,

In 1989 and 1992, ORLAN received two grants from FIACRE and the Fonds d’Innovation Artistique et Culturel en Rhône-Alpes, to take up a residency in Chennai (then called Madras), India. For her second three-and-a-half-month trip, she was accompanied by Stephan Oriach, a director with whom ORLAN had collaborated in the past.

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Peinture Problématique Géométrique, Paris, France 1971-1974

Like many artists, ORLAN began her career as a painter. She didn’t want to create anything mawkish and she didn’t want to use a paintbrush, such a common, traditional tool!

ORLAN paints with a gun from a garage near her home. She’d convinced him to lend her a space to work in, away from the dust, outside opening hours.

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Abstract paintings, 1965