Drawing tilt Brush, Google Institute , 2016
Drawing Tilt Brush, Google Institute

The Google Institute offered ORLAN the chance to test a new technological tool for making luminous drawings in space. The artist creates a series of surrealist self-portraits in motion.







Self-portrait done in blood, Drawn during the 7th Surgical Operation, 1993

Self-portrait with blood, made during the 7th operation

On May 30, 1990, in a desecrated church called “All Saints” in Newcastle, England, ORLAN announced her decision to undertake Opérations-Chirurgicales-Performances in an inaugural performance-ritual, reading from her manifesto of Charnel Art, which she had written in 1989. 

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The 7th surgical operation-performance, known as Omniprésence, took place on November 21 1993 in New York in collaboration with the Sandra Gering Gallery. 

During this operation, ORLAN was operated on by the feminist surgeon Dr. Marjorie Kramer and costumed by designer Lan Vu and her team. The photographers were Robert Puglisi and Vladimir Sichov for Sipa-Press (photos copyright-free). 

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